Our mission


Established in 2017, Constant Change's mission is to provide effective in-home services to children and their families who are experiencing significant behavioral and/or emotional difficulties.  Our population will include children that have been subjected to abuse or neglect, and at a high risk of being removed from the family home. CCE is dedicated to helping families and children uncover their inherent strengths and resources.  This is accomplished by treating families with dignity, respect, and removing barriers to successful growth. CCE is determined to provide healthy options for youth and families so that personal strengths, resolution of problems, and creation of positive futures. This will be realized by collaborating with local schools, social services, courts and other community organizations. CCE's overall objective is to restore the family unit by using sound therapeutic practices.



Constant Change Enterprise, LLC (CCE) is a mental health agency licensed by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services to provide Intensive In-Home services to children and families. We are affiliated with the Henrico Local Human Rights Committee. CCE has goals to help you and families develop practical ways to function effectively in society and provide developmental therapy in a family-therapy approach.



Constant Change Enterprises, LLC (CCE) operates with the philosophy that children and families can optimistically live and function if in a quality environment that includes therapeutic communication and positive responses to situations. This set of beliefs promote stability and provides a positive lifelong change when one receives guidance and support through practice and instruction in the home. By using strength-based practices and methods of intervention with respect to individuality and diversity of culture as well as being cognizant that mental health, injury, violence, environmental qualify, and access to health care are amongst the leading health indicators. Clients are expected to make continuous progress and simultaneously decrease their risk of out-of-home placement.  These methods will empower both the children and families served by CCE.